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Pickleball is Our Generation's Country Club Tennis

Pickleball is Our Generation's Country Club Tennis

Tennis was the sport to play every summer growing up. The 7am morning practices and later the after school tournaments led many to be just as competitive in sports as in life. While that community is great, the Pickleball community has now taken over and created a healthy environment for people of all ages and sizes to come together and not only laugh on the court but off the court as well.

The social aspect gives a new meaning to teammates and opponents; drawing more and more people to play every day. Pickleball is our generation's country club tennis. We grew up in the competitive light of our parents and our peers and now Pickleball has changed all that for us. We go to work and compete all day, but after work we want to go play a game with our friends that gives us the option to be competitive or just have fun.

Pickleball is going to be this summer's biggest sport! It’s active enough that we feel like we are doing our part to get exercise, but casual enough that we can enjoy a beer or a cocktail at the same time. And, that’s what we love about this sport.

The “casual” game of our parents' generation, but with our own twist. Our grandmothers played bridge, we were playing mahjong. Our parents played tennis on the weekends and we’re playing Pickleball.

While the love of the game is up there as the most important reason to play, there is also an argument for the women's outfits, paddles, accessories and especially the bag that you play with are a vital role in being geared up, confident and ready to play the game.

SO, get out of the kitchen and off the court for just a minute to get the greatest before, during and after game bag from Georgie & Lou!

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