The Georgie & Lou story began in the 1970’s, back when we were a couple of little girls growing up in families partial to the outdoors, paddle tennis and frequent family gatherings. Today, a lot has changed, but we still love being outside and playing pickleball. We believe in a lot of things. A little bit of competition, both on and off the court. Spandex. Good friends and that wine can fix almost anything. What we believe in most is not taking life too seriously, living in the present, and appreciating the small moments for everything they offer us.


 What's in a Name?

Georgie & Lou is named after the founders, Georgian and Louise - names they were given in honor of their grandparents, George and Louise.

Our Mission.

To inspire and nurture a spirit of fun and fabulousness mixed with athleticism and
a dash of competition.

Our Goal.

It’s our goal for all of our bags to be sewn perfectly and for each detail to be added
with the highest standards of quality. We searched for a fabric with a luxurious leather like
texture that is both lightweight and durable. We use only the highest quality solid metal
hardware. Our manufacturer was sought after for their commitment to a high end product. 

Our purpose goes far beyond profit, we believe in the pursuit of having fun and strengthening
the love of pickleball for all. We are thrilled to provide our customers with a high end collection
that brings you to the court ready to make your mark!