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Pickleball Slang

Pickleball Slang

While some of us spend many (many) waking hours playing, thinking, pushing Pickleball it is to some, a new idea. It is true that it is a relatively new phenomenon.

With the rise of Pickleball comes the rise in slang terms on the court. Some of the most common are “getting pickled”, “shake-n-bake” and “banger”.

Here are some others we have seen or heard:

A shot which targets and hits your opponent, in, you guessed it, the body.

Losing with zero points.

Hitting a ball into the net when trying to hit an overhead.

ATP (Around the post)
A player hits a ball from off the court around the net post.

Hitting your opponent’s foot.

Hitting your opponent’s hand.

A player who only smashes the ball with no thought of dinking.

There will be more and we will keep you posted. Keep checking our list or shoot us an email at to add to the list! 

We would love to hear what you have to say. See you on the Pickleball court!

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